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[CW 06 Dec 2021: These pages deal with the workshop series Social Informatics of summer 2017 and 2017/2018. Due to requests from abroad I translate the German version.]


Elbe morgens

"Social informatics is the body of research that examines the design, uses, and consequences of information and communication technologies in ways that take into account their interaction with institutional and cultural contexts." (Rob Kling 2000)


[CW 06 Dez 2021: extended definition see ... more about SI]



SI deals with the interrelationship of information- and communication technology and social change. Knowledge and know how are of relevance in professional contexts. This applies especially to the field of IT product management. This field includes strategic product management (development of new product strategies, innovation management, customer retention, trendscouting), product management of software systems and IT services (concept, market launch and support of IT products) and IT service management. IT product managers work in software houses, information and communication industry und other service industries, in administration and trade. 


Starting questions are:

  How does technology affect people?

  What do people do with technology?

This leads to further questions ...


Learning objective of the modules "information technology and its social context" and "social nets" is to condition students of the b.a. program "IT Product Management" with the major social informatics at Hochschule Furtwangen (HFU) to the first steps in the conception of software systems for large user groups - taking into account social, political and technical requirements and developments. In doing so it is necessary to balance responsibility, sustainability and economical targets. 


Methods: based on realistic cases the students learn theories, concepts and methods of social informatics. They face up to ethical standards and use empirical methods of sociology and software engineering including network analysis. IT product managers are always working on information and communication technologies with people for people. Thus the students train on realistic scenarios basics of communication, group dynamics and conflict management und use methods of marketing, contract acquisition, proposal preparation and performance including the completion of a project. 


The two modules "information technology and its social context" and "social nets" extend over eight workshops, each lasting one and a half day. The first workshop covers both modules to get started. The last workshop builds the completion of both modules.


The workshops start with the topics "team" and "contract and performance". Why? IT product managers work mostly in teams. IT projects are also change processes and projects, which are usually embedded in a contract. IT product managers have to master the steps contract acquisition, proposal preparation respective assignment of a mission, performance and completion.


Status: 09 Feb 2018 [translated from the German version on 06 Dec 2021]