SI | sequence - winter term 2017/2018


ITSC: information technology and its social context

(see also module description of HFU - PDF [in German])


SN: social nets 

(see also module description of HFU - PDF [in German]) 


Both modules extend over eight workshops, each lasting one and a half day. Both modules are that inter-meshed that only students, who enrol for both modules can participate. Furthermore skills in empirical research and basic knowledge in social sciences are mandatory (see the module description of "social nets"). The first workshop series took place during summer term 2017. 


Workshop Series

  1. Getting started: Social net and electronic media.
  2. Exploration and evaluation: What do the users need?
  3. Internationalization and globalization: Life is a net.
  4. Product management and ethics: The art of balance between the technically feasible and social consequences.
  5. Life world and work world: In fact I live while I work.
  6. Hackathon: Let's work … and have fun.
  7. Digital Dexterity and Internet of Things: About handling the new.
  8. Synopsis: It's all about communication.


Lecturer's material: seminar description on and linked pages plus blog entries on about the first workshop series during summer 2017.

Students' material: photographic documentation of their work during the in-person sessions on dropbox.


Content and learning objectives

For an overview on contents and learning objectives see si_content.The learning objectives follow Bloom's taxonomy. The categorie for each subtopic is named after the dash.

  • remember: recall facts and basic concepts - define, duplicate, list, memorize, repeat, state : quiz, dialogue, tests, written exams.
  • understand: explain ideas or concepts - classify, describe, explain, identify, locate, recognize, report, select, translate : talk, presentation, seminar paper.
  • apply: use information in new situations - execute, implement, solve, use, demonstrate, interpret, operate, schedule, sketch : practice.
  • analyse: draw connections among ideas - differentiate, organize, relate, compare, contrast, distinguish, examine experiment, question, test : case example.
  • evaluate: justify a stand or decision - appraise, argue, defend, judge, select, support, value, critique, weigh : case-based and problem-based learning with analysis, conclusion and reasoned decision.
  • create: produce new or original work - design, assemble, construct, conjecture, develop, formulate, author, investigate : software, art work, project reports, portfolio, seminar paper, thesis.

(1) Getting started


  • organizational matters: schedules, methods, proofs of performance - analyse
  • learning objectives - evaluate
  • scientific thinking and work - create
  • tool: 8+1 W - apply
  • terms: system(s), web & internet, agile, nets, service & product, software-engineering (SWE) methods - understand
  • terms: SWE and ADIE [analysis, development, implementation, evaluation], qualitative research, network analysis - understand
  • team work: competencies, tasks, responsibilities - analyse


Bring him home[*] | How do distributed teams work at high pressure?


Milestones proofs of performance:

"information technology and its social context": portfolio - finding buddies

"social nets": SRP [students' research project] - finding group and topic


in the blog:

01.04.2017 Social net and electronic Media | Was war im Startworkshop Sozioinformatik?


(2) Exploration and evaluation


  • history of informatics - analyse
  • terms (ISC): society, social context, responsibility, profit, PPP [product, people, planet] - understand
  • terms (SN): social net, mobile net, digital net - understand
  • exploration & evaluation: organization analysis, stakeholder analysis, observations, interviews, walk & talk, large group events (open space & Co), network analysis, Delphi technique - apply
  • measurability: RUMBA, monitoring, controlling, BSC, CSF, KPI, benchmarking - apply


Time machine[*] | From the industrial revolution via the global net back into the jungle?


Milestone proof of performance:

"social nets": SRP - scenario and project draft (ADIE)


in the blog:

08.04.2017 Das Leben ein Netz | Workshop 2 Sozioinformatik



Tue, 07.11.2017 by noon  Portfolio: upload on dropbox: milestone 1 – introducing reflection


(3) Internationalization and globalization


  • terms: self-determination, data privacy & protection, data security - understand
  • change: learning organizations, appreciative inquiry, organizations as learning organism, architecture of a change process - apply


Measuring the World[*] | What is possible in IT product management without PC and internet?


Milestones proofs of performance:

"information technology and its social context": portfolio - reflection 1

"social nets": SRP - stage of work: literature research


in the blog:

22.04.2017 Think globally act locally | Workshop 3 Sozioinformatik


(4) Product management and ethics


  • terms: product, service, usability, risk-, opportunity- and quality-management, test first [principle] - understand
  • paradigm shift: services and products in the era of web 2.0, 3.0 and internet 4.0 - apply
  • identity: individual, group, company, groups in society - apply
  • values & norms, visions & goals: development, limits, opportunities - evaluate


In Time[*] | What is life's worth?


Milestone proofs of performance:

"social nets": SRP - stage of work


in the blog:

29.04.2017 Wer bin ich? Die Kunst der Balance zwischen technisch Machbarem und sozialen Konsequenzen - Workshop 4 Sozioinformatik



Tue, 05.12.2017 by noon Portfolio: upload on dropbox: milestone 2 – Ethics & Society


(5) Life world and work world


  • terms: balance, "work-life-balance", ... - understand
  • life world and work world 4.0 - apply
  • digital dexterity - analyse
  • cultural analysis - apply


Wall-e[*] | Only hanging around?


Milestones proofs of performance:

"information technology and its social context": portfolio - reflection 2

"social nets": SRP - stage of work


in the blog:

08.05.2017 Ich lebe auch wenn ich arbeite | Sozioinformatik Workshop 5: Lebens- und Arbeitswelten


(6) Hackathon



Cross-group work on the topics of the students research projects, SRP


Including milestone proof of performance:

"social nets": SRP - stage of work


in the blog:

21.05.2017 Let's work | Der Hackathon in der Sozioinformatik - Workshop 6



Submission Portfolio

  • upload on dropbox: Tue, 19.12.2017 by noon
  • print in spiral binding with signature for the examination office: to bring along on workshop 8

Submission SRP

  • upload on dropbox: Thu, 21.12.2017 by noon
  • print in spiral binding with signatures for the examination office: to bring along on workshop 8


(7) Digital dexterity and internet of things


  • Digital dexterity - evaluate
  • Diffusion of Innovations - apply


Terminator 1[*] | What is ahead of us? And how can we have an effect on it?


in the blog:

03.06.2017 Vom Umgang mit Neuem | Sozioinformatik Workshop 7: Digitale Geschicklichkeit, Internet of Things und die Rolle des IT-Produktmanagements


(8) Synopsis



The starting questions of social informatics:

What do people do with technology?

How does technology affect people?


Milestones proofs of performance: Reviews



  • Transmedia Story Telling & Story Selling - analyse
  • Research methods: triangulation - evaluate
  • It's all about communication: distributed teams - evaluate
  • Embrace technology: Rogers and Davies - understand
  • Create change: Lewin and Kotter - understand
  • Discover the best: appreciative inquiry - apply



Avatar[*] | Sustainability: Product, People, Planet


Seminar completion:

reflection, evaluation and outlook


in the blog:

25.06.2017 Den Bogen spannen | Sozioinformatik Workshop 8: Abschluss und Ausblick


Status: 09 Jan 2018 [translated from the German version on 07 Dec 2021]


[*] These are cinema movies. The students had to see the movies and the group worked on several questions related to the movie. The movie dealt with topics of the particular workshop. The documentation in the blog includes the questions for the movie.