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Questions are the strongest tools in research, development and learning ... have a look on toddlers. To answer the question "What is Social Informatics?" answers to further question can be helpful, to draft and perform R&D and learning & teaching, for instance the SI workshop series, described on these pages.


Starting questions in social informatics are:

How does technology affect people?

What do people do with technology?


Additional questions can be:


What is informatics?

What is sociology?

What are social sciences?


What does individual, group, organization, society mean?

Which roles, tasks and responsibilities does informatics have towards these four?


What is a system?

What is a social system?

What is a technical system?

What is a socio-technical system?

How does reality arise?


How do we learn?

How do we develop technology?

How are we affected by systems?

How do we affect systems?


What is the internet?

What is the world wide web?

What are web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and internet 4.0, the internet of things?

What are social nets?

Ware are digital social nets?


How do we deal with information and communication technology?

o in work environment?

o in private sphere?

o in social environment?


What is a product?

What is an application?

What is an information and communication system?

For what have we to watch out in the development of applications?

What is usability?

What are data privacy & protection and data security?

How can we steady them?


Which goals do individuals, groups, organisations and society pursue?

What do you understand by product, people, planet?

What do you understand by responsibility, self-realization, fairness and sustainability?

What for can we use socio-technical information and communication systems?


How did we work in the past, do we work in the present, and will we work in future?

What do internationalization and globalization mean?

How do individuals and groups change by social nets and digital social nets? 

Which roles and tasks does informatics have in this?


How do you develop services and products in the era of web 2.0, 3.0 and internet 4.0?


[translated from the book Sozioinformatik, 2021, pp 14-16]


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