SI | proofs of performance

  • Module "information technology and its social context": portfolio
  • Module "social nets": students' research project in small groups
  • Assessment criteria: study and examination regulations of HFU and CMPBL Frame and Assessment Criteria [pdf]
  • Submission = upload in the virtual class room on dropbox: 14 to 16 days in advance of the final workshop (summer term) or before Chrismas break (winter term); review of the proofs of performance during the final workshop

Recommendations how to approach the

Work during the term on a portfolio: 

a) write a reflection on a number of topics due to targeted days,

b) assemble your work done during the workshops (visualisations and others),

c) introduce your students' research project in the module "social nets": (co-)authors, title and abstract,

and find a peer with whom you cooperate as a buddy team: you will present your buddy’s reflections [in (a)] to the course and enter a dialogue. ... more ...

In information technology and other areas you develop products and services following the steps analysis, design, implementation and evaluation. Design a draft for the development and implementation of a digital social network of a company. Or: Design a draft for for the marketing of a product or a service. Use the 8+1 W. Include in the design a network analysis. Use methods of qualitative field research and software-engineering including agile methods. Take into account social conditions, that have an impact, for instance historical, political, cultural, economical and media driven aspects. ... more ...