SI | content and learning objectives

The learning objectives follow Bloom's taxonomy (blog 11 Feb 2012) [& 28 Jul 2018].


Information technology and its social context

(see module description of HFU - PDF [in German])


# Topics

o from industrial society to globally networked information society

o information systems in social contexts

o computer science and society as sociotechnical system

o technology development as social creative process: technology genesis and impact assessment

o ethics and social responsibility of computer scientists

o sustainable development and social responsibility, corporate social responsibility

o gender awareness in computer science

o risk communication

o computer science and work world, new forms of work in globalized economy

o computer science and networked media


# Learning objectives

o terms "computer science", "society", "social context", "change", "system", "sociotechnical system" - understand

o coherence and interaction of computer science and society - understand

o role of computer science on social change - understand

o interaction of computer science, organization and social context - analyse

o beneficial and adverse effects of internationalization and globalization: socially, economically, politically, ecologically, ethically, didactically, technically - analyse

o ethics and computer science - evaluate

o responsibility, equity, sustainable development and professional behaviour - evaluate


# proof of performance: Portfolio - create 


Social nets

(see module description of HFU - PDF [in German]) 


# Topics

o structure and development of the internet and the world wide web

o formation, establishment and perspectives of social nets

o social nets and globalization

o functions, structures, dynamics and target audiences of social nets

o impact of the structure of social networks for effectivity and efficiency of work processes, economical versus social product

o social and entrepreneurial opportunities and effects of new communication technologies

o product networks in the internet

o models and methods of social network analysis

o possible applications of network analysis for instance during the development of new products and services


# Learning objectives

o terms "social net", mobile net, digital net - understand

o terms individual, group, organization, transorganizational, society - understand

o development of social nets - understand

o historical, political, cultural, economical, media conditions - understand

o affectation and forming of society by digital networked systems - understand

o collective identity created by social nets - analyse

o social change in large user groups caused by social nets, for instance mobilization processes - analyse

o developing strategies for social networks of corporations - create, for instance: designing a case

o developing new products and services using social nets - create, for instance: designing a case


# proof of performance: students' research project in small groups (SRP)  - create 


Status: 09 Feb 2018 [translated from the German version on 06 Dec 2021]