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Teachers open doors. Enter you must by yourself. (Chinese saying) 

People learn best with joy and if they themselves are active. Thus teachers, executives, consultants, coaches and many others, whose work deals with learning and teaching, have to consider: engage everyone in learning. Ensure, that they can grow and realize their full potential. (book andere arbeiten lassen [engage everyone in learning], 2019)



On these topics I give talks and lectures on request in companies, at universities and other organizations and on conferences and perform workshops and seminars. Some of these are described here (some of them just in German)

Tailored to your company or university I am pleased to sketch with you further topics. The following examples can serve as inspiration for single workshops or as a workshop serial.

  • Discover slowness ... self- and time-management
  • We can not not communicate ... conversation techniques and facilitation
  • The whole is more than the sum of its parts ... team development and team work
  • Lifelong learning ... Digital natives, immigrants and founders in mixed teams
  • Capable decision-making and guidance ... Leadership
  • Focus on the core ... Process-oriented management control
  • Vision, mission, goal, realization ... Strategic Management 
  • Project "The Thesis" ... more than just writing
  • Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking - Me too?! ... How to become a scientist