To learn and to perform research are interesting and joyful. People are curious. They want to see what lies around the next corner. Children show us how it works. Since "Learning Organizations" and "Competency-based Learning" found their way into management and universities, managers, teachers and learners often hear sentences like: "There is so much laughter when you are working."


Panta rhei (Greek: everything flows). Change always happens. You can learn how to shape change. Most of it you know already. The point is to become aware of it, to give it a go and to make progress.


Let us start a journey to the worlds of organizational development and social informatics. There you can learn how leadership, team work and consulting come alive and how you can manage projects and more with the 8+1 W questions. Set out for the fascinating world of research and development and scientific work.


Do it in seminars and workshops in your company or at a university. Enter a dialogue with colleagues and the lecturer. Use a coaching for your professional and individual development.